online Colour Reading


To obtain your free, online colour reading, simply select the four Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles you are most drawn to. Colour is the key that will help you understand what your choices say about your deepest needs, strengths and gifts.

Sit back, centre yourself and spend a few minutes looking at the entire set of Equilibrium. Then, in order from 1 to 4, click on the four bottles you like the most.

Start by clicking on the Equilibrium bottle you like the very most. Tip: If you could only take one bottle to a deserted island, which one would it be? When you've done that, look at the entire set of Equilibrium again and click on the bottle you like second most, then third and, finally, fourth most.

Your four bottle selection will appear in order at the top of the page. Type your name then click Aura-Soma Colour Report to view your free colour reading. Enjoy!